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My browser isn't offering Finnish language translation?

Check with the setting of your browser first. Make sure it's in Finnish. It will easily recognize if the default language of the page is in Finnish. Alternatively, you can right click and  translate the page in to Finnish.

I would like to submit a blog, an article and a marketing PR of a product or service which  we just launched  and how can I do that and will there be any payments?

All free. Contact us! 

Can I already start registering my company, service or myself in the crowd social entrepreneurship platform without any fee? 

Yes, you can.

I would like to share a video from Motion Guide, do you support that?  Yes, at the moment we fully  support aggregation of contents from MotionGuide,YouTube and Vimeo. Remember you can't attach and upload someone else's video but you can share a video under a CCL on the link wall provided on your profile.

What if somebody violated by attaching-uploading my video or simply my privacy policy?

First check the license through which you uploaded the video on YouTube first. Second confirm with us if the document you claim was directly attach-uploaded or was just shared from the users wall in accordance with your license agreement with API's. If your privacy is violated we'll suspend or remove the document so far up to cooperating with authorities . However, we need a legal document which acknowledges ownership of the documents asserted.

 How often can I contribute with contents?

Doesn't matter. Our community moderators would approve where applicable. Our data analytics  tool will determine if the data you are about to share is already in place.

 I'm having a problem with streaming to Chromcast  from my android browser?

First, make sure that your  chromcast TV is well set up.  Then play the video from your tablet . When you touch the media player, you shall see a cast icon at the top left corner. Press and connect right there. Your video would be casted right away. 

Can I create a play list of videos without registering?

No, you can't. You have to register before you can create one.

I would like to contribute with contents in video/article but I couldn't find the appropriate category?

Contact us with an example of content and the categories you would like see.