Scapegoated and abused democracy— Vote that will get London to fall on economical terrorisme.


Such a democracy could be criminal. Such a democracy must squarely be held accountable for sabotaging the economy and territorial integrity of a great kingdom. Such a democracy has just betrayed and wounded the EU. Dejectedly, it has created an economic earthquake the heavy magnitude of which will escalate to disintegrate none but  UK first. 


   What am I bitterly complaining  about?  

In an unprecedented warning shot to the union and absurd suicide , UK voted to leave EU. Meaning, democracy inducing disintegration, division and recession in the kingdom and beyond.

1. In the coming couple of days alone, credit rating agencies will start hitting on UK .

2. Multinational corporations will have to make uncertain strategic decisions swiftly and blindly.

3. Markets shall nose dive. Investment decisions , purchases , sells , acquisitions and et ll shall be delayed. If made, will be pretty bad. Because, there is't such a thing called big picture.

4. Scottish cause for separation may well intensify. Republic and Northern Ireland may well head for reunification. There could be EU country(x.......n) exits. Simply put, there could be a pandemic of a domino effect exacerbated by populist opportunists. It isn't a joke LoneExit may well become a reality. Yes, to form an independent country like Luxembourg!

5. British citizens may find it increasingly hard to trade with Sterling abroad. 

6. British tech companies will be required to establish data centers in the EU just befor exiting the union. VC's and HQ's of EU targeted companies may pull out of the UK in to the green European republic on the next door.

7. Investors will reduce their exposure to UK assets over the next 12 months. Already contaminated assets  owned by renown pensions funds could nose dive as low as 26 %.

 The mess list of this crazy divorce will go on and on.........

 The leadership of  EU and of the world will be tested for exercising agile and prudent interpretation and response to developments. If UK is going to implement its decision to become little England then it should do it immediately. This would help EU focus on recovering from its on going earthquakes , and plan on a real time intelligence.

 Who is to blame for this mess of divorce?  

The lords of the rent seeking rings. 

Who are the lords of the rent seeking rings? 

The art of hand washing by irresponsible and anti-great Britain bipartisan British political class in westminster  and short sighted rent seeking interest groups behind. 

Whats unfolding at the moment is a proliferation of a mess of political dynamics only a slightly imperfect management of which could lead to unprecedented global crises. I know it's hard but there is an imperative need for synthesizing the very best holistic solution which I strongly belive is to upend this scrupulous referendem first. Then, finding a holistic  alternative for fixing EU at Brussels level.

Short sighted streamlining of issues for a very framed — and circumscribed political referendum — is a weakness of political leadership. This whole stupidity is the manifestation of  a great political, media, social and academic intelligence failure. 

 Why is this scandal happening? // A hypothetical paradox, misguided voters and etc...

Again, British political class framed and streamlined complicated issues related to EU up for a simple yes/no referendum vote.

 Or it's like ,

What is the solution for 1(1+3) = ? // Whats the solution for issues we are having with the EU?

Here is a binding guideline and/or alternative for answering the question.

You must vote for either A or B // You must answer either to leave or stay in the EU.

Majority vote will decide on the right answer , and that must be either A or B.

A) Yes B) No

Majority decided to vote for Yes.

Therefore :- 1(1+3) = Yes   "Hahahahahahahaahah,” British Jock

 You must abide by the guidelines and accept the new equation that invalidates the scientifically established one. Because, the British political class have synthesized a case and effect construct that saying, "Yes" or "NO" to leaving EU is the ultimate solution for the problem. 

 Such a real movie in the making is what I call scapegoated  and  abused democracy directed and produced by  the scapegoating British political class. The ongoing movie/production is worth than the previous one, "London has fallen" . Because, it's real this time.  Because, it's happening. Because, It would inevitably get not just London but UK to fall. Because, no country is immune to this change. If you haven't had the opportunity to watch the previous one, then enjoy the trailer below or google   " London has fallen" . 

 Demographical paradox

 Britain has voted to leave the EU, after the Leave campaign won only 51.9 percent of votes . Voter turnout was higher for babyboomers. Leave campain also correlated well with the same segment. 


 The visual data analysis of the ballot has triggered a politico-innovation thought in me. 

Political leadership, architecture for voting and representation needs innovation of a type not disruption but a slight evolution. It needs to tier demographical factors. It must for instance exhibit attributes of introducing segmentational constraints where and when needed. Run off should be called if there is a statically significant demographic divide.

 In the same way as voter turnout is measured  by the virtue of universal suffrage, it is very important that introducing/innovating something simliar, like " representational suffrage " This would avoid scrupulous democratic divisions like that of UK.






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  • Hari

    No..No..He's forseing a smart perspective in the years to come after brexit.

  • Tesfaye

    They destroying England. It was a very bad process

  • Mikko

    What they should burn? :)

  • Tofu

    Dont' criticize them. If they want to burn their country, it's their will